GIF Guide: Finishing School With Miss New York

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There are a few characters that come along every now and then and one of the rarest is Miss New York (aka Tiffany Pollard). However, I will not refer to Miss New York with her government because she rules over everything and everyone and she deserves to be spoken to in the manner that she is accustomed. You may remember Miss New York from a variety of shows on VH1 and the like. She’s had some acting gigs here and there but we will never forget her struggle to find the flavor of love.


Don’t be afraid to take what you deserve. You are queen.

Don’t let anyone see you sweat.

Education is key.

Let people know what you’re dealing with.

That is your place. Command everything.

Demand the respect you deserve.

If you want something done, do it yourself.

.GIFS via RealityTVGifs

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