GIF Guide: 8 Things Boy Bands Taught Us

Written by corey

When it comes to growing up, boy bands taught us everything we know.

There were so many, that we can only think of a few: Backstreet Boys, *Nsync, and 98 Degrees. These boys led us through our most difficult times in life. When we were lost, they found us. When we thought we couldn’t make it through that rouge summer camp breakup, they taught us that it was them and not us. They taught us all the things we couldn’t learn in school.

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1) If you’re going to say bye, say it three times

2) This too shall pass, it’s just a heartache.

3) There’s only one way to say May, and it’s this way.

3) You’ll always have your friends to lean on

4) Seriously, friends are the best

5) Lean together now. We’re all in this together

6) You too can come back from poor fashion choices

7) Everyone has a struggle

8) We all come back, at one point

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