Could a Giant Inflatable Condom Replace the L-Train?

L train east river condom
Written by Gary

The East River L-train condom.

Plans for an L-train replacement are getting pretty random, and a giant inflatable condom might just happen.

L train east river condom

Everyone who lives in New York (especially those who have lived in Brooklyn) knows the L-train has always been a hot mess. It’s a hot mess in the morning, it’s a hot mess in the evening, and it’s a hot mess at supper-time. As a result, the train is scheduled to be shut down for construction in 2019. Obviously you can’t just shut down a train that millions of people use every day, so design and architecture incubator, Van Alen Institute, hosted a competition to evaluate proposals for a transportation replacement.

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Apparently architects and engineers from AECOM believe that a giant, psychedelic inflatable condom spanning the East River is the solution, serving both pedestrians and bikers.

The 2,400 foot inflatable condom tunnel would be made from heavy-duty fiber glass fabric developed by a company associated with NASA. Parts of the tunnel would float above the surface, while others would be anchored to the river floor to allow for boat traffic. They also want to project psychedelic art onto the tunnel’s interior walls to bridge the gap (no pun intended) between transportation and art.

It may come as no surprise to you that the inflatable condom idea didn’t win the overall competition, but it is nice to know that architects in the city are coming up with ways to allow New Yorkers to walk on water.

L train east river condom

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