This Spicy Pepper Ice Cream Requires a Waiver

ghost pepper ice cream
Written by Gary

Ghost pepper ice cream is so hot, you legally have to sign a waiver before trying it.

ghost pepper ice cream

I have been to Rehobeth Beach in Delaware before, but admittedly I was too busy trying to look skinny on the beach and get laid to eat any kind of ice cream. I’m not one for spicy foods anyway, but I am still intrigued by hot ice cream, which is like the ultimate oxymoron.

The Ice Cream Story in Rehobeth has embraced this savory ice cream idea, and created a vanilla ice cream with strawberry streaks laced with ghost pepper, a chili pepper so hot that villagers in India use it on their fence posts to keep elephants away.

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Chip Hearn, the creator of this flavor originally started it to get people into the store People have been trying it and loving it however, so it clearly worked. The store gives out at least 200 free samples of ghost pepper ice cream every week, but never to intoxicated, impaired, pregnant, lactating, or people suffering from erectile dysfunction. You also need consent from a parent or legal guardian if you are below 18, or above 65.

Basically the waiver says that it is going to give you the shits, too.

I don’t know about you, but I am not in any rush to try this ice cream. My asshole is too precious a commodity to waste on bragging rights over dairy treats.

pepper ice cream

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