Get The Look: Taylor Swift

Written by corey

Get Taylor Swift’s easy summer city look.

They say when you move to New York City your style starts to evolve. As for me, I had some dark patches during my four years in New York so far. No one has really proven this point more than Taylor Swift. She’s become that chic on-the-go city girl who hangs out with models like Karlie Kloss in the West Village.


Taylor’s pleated pale blue skirt is perfect for dashing between meetings. It’s breathable, comfortable and still has air of sophistication while looking chic. Get a similar one, here.

You know how hot it can get in the summer. You need a blouse that will allow you to dash from the office to the beach and still be casual. I’m loving her silver blouse here. We’ve got a similar one, here.

Taylor went for the suede kitten heel. Personally, I’m too afraid to wear suede out at risk of the weather changing and a perfect pair of shoes going to hell. Try these kitten heels from Clarks, here.


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