Get The Look: Cara Delevingne

Written by corey

Cara Delevingne is the essence of bad girl style. She stomps down the catwalks of some of the biggest designers and her off-duty style lets everyone know she gives no fucks. There’s even been rumors circulating the model of the moment is dating boy band star, Harry Styles. The jealousy runs deep here as I think Harry Styles and I are meant for each other. Well…when Cara isn’t modeling or doing whatever the hell she wants, she’s looking the baddest girl on the block. We’ll show you how to get her look.

Okay class, we’re going to start with her hat. Sure, you can get that “IMA READ” hat, just like every other basic street walker but you’re not basic. We suggest you try this Gents x Johnny Wujek collaboration hat. It’s fresh. It’s stylish. Johnny is a famed stylist and he knows what he’s doing and so do we. We would never steer the most stylish girl on the internet wrong. Available here.

You’re also going to need the perfect white shirt. You don’t want to wear one of your man’s ill-fitted shirts. If you’re man is wearing ill-fitted shirts you should dump him immediately and drink yourself into next week. After you’ve recovered, we suggest picking up one of the signature Equipment blouses. They’re a staple in the wardrobes of girls and bottoms alike. Available here.

Lastly, to top off the wonderful look of mixed proportions, you’ll need a good green pleated pant. If your first thought is to run to Forever21, then I’ll need you to wash your mouth out with soap. If you invest in solid pieces that cost a bit more, you’ll have a much better closet that will only help you succeed in life. These 3.1 Phillip Lim pleated pants are the bee’s knees. Available here.




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