Get The Look: Ashley Olsen

Written by corey

Who knew you could go from child star to fashion icon? No one could’ve ever predicted that the Olsen sisters would share the same role and then share The Row. However, there’s a first time for everything and I’m pretty stoked it happened to them.


Ashley looks really good in this slouchy nautical tee. While her’s is a little more heavy, I love this stripe fluid tee from Gap. It’s inexpensive, lightweight and you’ll get many uses out of it. Available here.

As far as a classic shoulder bag goes, you can’t really ask for anything better than the Coach Classic City Bag. Coach is known for their long-lasting leather and the silhouette on this bag isn’t going anywhere. Available here.

As far as Ashley’s shades go, you know she has some serious game. Personally, I love these Warby Parkey Griffins from blocking all the stares from the haters. Available here.


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