Get Shellac Attacked! The 14-Day Manicure from CND.

Written by Ashley

I know some people in the world who find their weekly manicure to be an insignificant dent in their wallet, and a therapeutic way to pass the time on a Saturday morning. While I admire those people, I have found that patience isn’t my strong suit, and manicure hopes to maneuver my life without diving in to my bag for my phone before my nails are dry are always shattered by the inevitable smudge. So, once we got wind of this new technology from our go-to nail gals at CND, I was understandably wriggling with excitement at the notion of this first of its kind, goes on like a polish, wears like a gel, minimal dry-time manicure with the claim to last for..here’s the kicker2 weeks. No smudging. No chipping.


True good to be true, even after a friend of mine came to my rooftop birthday extravaganza with some of the shiniest digits I’d ever seen in real life, having had her first Shellac experience. She ran around daring party goers to scuff her freshly Shellac’d nails with her house keys.  I basically thought she had just had a couple too many Jack & Cokes but girlfriend came back to me with nary a scratch, scuff, or hint of dullness. She had successfully converted the entire female population on my rooftop to ditch their nail maintenance routine, and to jump fingers first on CND Shellac bandwagon. I had to give it a try:


I’m in love!

My trial run began with a darker color called Fedora (pictured) and this is my mani 10 days later with zero maintenance & a daily swipe of Solar Oil.  Yep, that’s after 10 days of ferocious blackberry/computer typing, makeup/hair maintenance, swimming through vintage racks, cooking dinners and a fair amount of pick-up frisbee games. I would even get ballsy enough to say that you could stretch this mani out for longer than the 14 days, especially if you’re smart enough to go with a lighter color, to alleviate any noticeable nail growth spacing.

So,  when it comes to your month-long vacay to Europe, or your busy week before your wedding, birthday or 10 year high school reunion, Shellac enables you to check off your pre-party manicure the week before, without feeling the anxiety of showing up to your event with dull, chipped nails.

CND’s Shellac Mani is officially TheLuxurySpot.com approved, with only a single downside… it’s only sold to professional salons. But these CND trained professional will literally have you in and out in 2o minutes… including application & dry-time.  And you won’t have to bother with another visit for weeks.


Check out the wide array of the inaugural 12 colors to choose from, ranging from light pinks, to sire reds to blacker than blacks, and visit  CND’s site to find a location near you. [Pricing varies depending on salon location]

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