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Instead of giving in to your food hangover and snapping like the turkey’s wishbone, try these easy tips for maximizing rest time during holiday celebrations. Email them in advance to your family and friends. It’ll give you all one more reason to say “thanks”.

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This week is Thanksgiving, and after that comes five weeks straight of holiday celebrations, friends’ parties and work parties. Let’s take a quiet moment to appreciate your last few days of before-the-storm calm.

Now, I’m not one to sweat through my Pilgrim blouse or get a stress boner over the whole “home for the holidays” thing. But I understand how that can happen. Traveling long distances, sharing close quarters with family you haven’t seen (or worse, didn’t want to see) for a long time, baking, cooking, football watching, and hours of relentless eating and drinking. Why do you think every holiday movie ever made always includes a major fight scene – and usually at the dinner table?

But rather than succumbing to that food hangover and snapping like the turkey’s wishbone, try these easy tips for maximizing rest time during your family’s holiday celebrations. Maybe even send them out in an email to your lovable family, PSA style. It’ll give you one more reason to say “thanks”.

Pack a sleep kit. It’s been a while since you’ve slept comfortably in the twin bed of your childhood room. And the red-eye you flew in on had extra harsh coach seating (what fool could believe humans sit like that?). But wherever your holiday plans drop you, you’ll want to be cozy. Bring earplugs or earphones, eyeshades, those lotion-infused slipper socks, whatever will help you relax and be nudged into dreamland.

Blow up the hot water bill. Taking a hot shower or bath relaxes your muscles and prepares your body for sleep. Let your evening shower run a little longer than usual. You’ll feel much more refreshed after your big meal, and you’ll look it the next morning.

Make any hour napping hour. This is the 21st Century. If your yawns are telling you yes, don’t say no! Naps are allowed any time, not only after the tryptophan and two glasses of pinot have settled in. Pre-dinner, post-game, mid-raucous session of Charades all make fine times to pull a sleeper move. Make use of that kit, light a lavender candle and peace out.

..and then slap yourself awake. After your much-needed break from consciousness, spritzing yourself with a rejuvenating spray like this one will bring your sleepy face back to life. Now you’ve got a gorgeous glow, and a calm, clear brain that will win the after-dinner game of Apples to Apples.

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