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Get Dazzled and Crashed by Zebras and Rhinoceroses at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

Sabi Sabi Private game reserve
Written by Gary

In things you definitely didn’t know news, a herd of zebras is called a dazzle, and a group of rhinoceros is referred to as a crash. These are just two kinds of wildlife that inhabit the Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve.

Sabi Sabi Private game reserve

Located in South Africa, the game reserve has all the perks of a typical African resort such as safaris, luxury bungalows, spa services, and fine dining. Sabi Sabi’s claim to fame has to do with the abundant animal life, on which you can get a legitimate education by the Bush Lodge Barman, Simon Matsane.

If you are in the market for an African Safari adventure, Sabi Sabi might be worth a look. If you find yourself there, you might just spot me in the bush with a group of gay men, which FYI is referred to as a “purse”.

To whet your appetite for animal knowledge, here is a short list of some of the wildlife you could expect to see at Sabi Sabi:


Bask – a group of crocodiles

Bloat – a group of hippos

Brace –a group of ducks*

Crash – a group of rhinos

Cluster – a group of spiders

Coalition – a group of cheetahs

Corps – a group of giraffes*

Cackle – a group of hyenas

Colony – a group of frogs*
Dazzle – a group of zebras
Flush – a group of ducks*
Gang – a group of buffalo*
Herd – a group of buffalo*
Journey – a group of giraffes*
Knot – a group of frogs*
Leap – a group of leopards
Mischief – a group of mice

Murder – a group of crows
Obstinacy – a group of buffalo*
Paddling – a group of ducks*

Prickle – a group of porcupines

Parliament – a group of owls
Tower – a group of giraffes*
Venue – a group of vultures

Sabi Sabi Private game reserve

Sabi Sabi Private game reserve

Sabi Sabi Private game reserve

Sabi Sabi Private game reserve

Sabi Sabi Private game reserve

Sabi Sabi Private game reserve

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