Genderless Harajuku Boys in Japan

genderless boys japan
Written by Gary

Harjuku boys in Japan.

The newest trend in Japan is genderless Harajuku boys.

genderless boys japan

Even though I talk a lot of shit about Japan, I have to say that when it comes to gender constructs, they are kind of leading the pack in destroying ‘gender norms’ and societal expectations, especially when it comes to fashion.

Genderless Kei (which means genderless style) began after a few genderless boys appeared in the Tokyo Girls Collection 2015 Autumn/Winter fashion show. Since then, the movement has been gaining steam in the fashion world and on the street.

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Genderless Kei boys use male and female beauty techniques without a fuck to give about what society thinks. The final looks run the gamut from straight-up female, to just androgynous, but the result is pretty damn amazing, and Jaden Smith should probably eat his heart out.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the trend is that most genderless boys are actually straight, and receive a lot of female attention for what they do. Say what you will about gender, but a world with Harajuku boys is a world where I would definitely love to live.

genderless boys japan genderless boys japan genderless boys japan genderless boys japan genderless boys japan

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