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Finally, a Gay Fairy Tale for Children

promise land gay book
Written by Gary

A gay children’s book.

A pair of New Zealanders have written a gay fairy tale for children.

promise land gay book

When I was young, much like every other starry eyed little gay boy living in the bible belt, all I dreamed about were Disney princes, although I always wondered why they would choose to end up with those pathetic damsels in distress, instead of just schtupping each other on the reg. My prayers have finally been answered, because Promised Land is a fair tale book about homos.

Co-authored by Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris, the story revolves around a young prince that falls in love with a farm boy, and has to fight with an evil step-father who is trying to destroy the enchanted forest where the farm boy lives.

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Of the storyline, Harris says, “So much of what we see through the media and our parents when we are children forms our opinions and attitudes towards others and, more importantly, our attitudes towards ourselves. The conflict in our story does not arise from the sexuality of the main characters, it is merely about two young men who meet, fall in love and find their relationship caught up in the middle of a turf war.”

The main difference between this and other gay fairy tale books for children, is that being gay isn’t really the point of the story, so it normalizes homosexuality in a way that other children’s books about gayness don’t.

Say what you will about gay books for children, but I wish there had been a few more titles like this when I was growing up. Maybe if there were, I wouldn’t have waited until the ripe old age of 16 to come bursting out of the closet.

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