Gaga’s New Look

The 20th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit
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In anticipation of her new album (currently constructing a paper chain count-down till November 11th when ARTPOP is scheduled to be released), let’s acclimate ourselves to Lady Gaga’s new look. It will take some getting used to – since parting ways with her longtime stylist Nicola Formichetti, her look has been verging on…normal. Nicola’s ex-assistant Brandon Maxwell is now dressing Gaga in some of the most sophisticated clothing that is made out of fabric instead of meat. Brandon, I’m mad at you.

The 20th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit

This is Gaga a few days ago at the 20th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit on July 27th. Even though I’m not pleased with Brandon Maxwell’s basic wardrobe choices, I love Gaga’s natural makeup look. Every time a celebrity starts to go heavy on the makeup, I get anxiety thinking about them ending up like Christina Aguilera at her “dirrrtiest.” Thankfully, Gaga is not going down that path, and truthfully, I’m not even hating the nose ring or blond eyebrows.



This is Gaga in late June at the NYC Pride Rally…ironically wearing one of the most plain outfits of her career. I mean, I’m pretty sure I own that jumpsuit (the Zara version, not the Margiela shown here). No prosthetic pointed cheekbones or lace face appliques in sight, which makes me a little sad.


Gaga in NYC July 2013

This is Gaga looking like a typical New Yorker in July. If you think this outfit is outrageous, you haven’t taken a stroll through the East Village lately.


This photo confirms it: Lady Gaga is a human.


Finally, here is the cover of her new single, “Applause.” She’s serving artist’s palette realness. The world has gone 6 months sans Gaga, now it’s time to ease back in with her new look.

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