Full Beaver Coverage: Justin Bieber Mugshot Makeovers

justin bieber mugshot makeover
Written by Gary

Since Justin Bieber is the first child star to grow into a troubled teen and get a DUI, news of his arrest in Florida (where else?) took over The Internet yesterday. At first I wasn’t going to post about it, since my entire Facebook Feed was clogged with people photoshopping their faces onto his or Miley Cyrus’s (there’s no difference, apparently) mug, but then I saw the photo featured above and new that it was finally time to stand up and say something.

justin bieber mugshot makeover
The truth is, I went to college in Florida and 9/10 of my friends have DUI’s. Justin Bieber isn’t the first person to drink and drive, and I know plenty of people who have gotten DUI’s and continued on to achieve great success without needing rehab, or giving up on drinking forever (the very thought stops my ever beating, rainbow-infused heart). Rehab has become a “get out of jail free” card for celebrities, as if being celebrities and receiving special treatment isn’t enough a “get out of jail card” on it’s own. When celebrities go to rehab, 90% of the time it is to rehabilitate their image, not their body or spirit. So I say we cut the shit and be honest about it. If Justin Bieber needs rehab for anything it is for being a colossal douche. Honestly, who the fuck eggs houses anymore?

justin bieber mugshot makeover

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