Unlimited Free Cat Cuddles at this Canadian Bookstore

cat cuddles
Written by Ruth K

It’s no secret we’re here for animal husbandry, and that includes wearing ridiculously on-point matching human and dog outfits. But it’s hard to get a cat to embrace fashion, so we’re settling for very-fuzzy cat cuddles. Cat cuddles are absolutely divine, especially when you’re curled up in a chair with a good book.

cat cuddles

One bookstore in Halifax, a few miles outside Nova Scotia, is offering customers the best of both worlds. Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee is a store unlike any other. Roaming freely in the store are adorable cats and kittens.

They play and nap in all the best spots in the store, and you may find a couple of Instagram worthy pics of cats peacefully snoozing on the book shelves.

you can adopt them!

Hi, Cutie!

Nom, nom, noms.

Ellen Helmke, the bookstore owner, revealed that there were a number of kittens at the store at any time, and “usually a mama cat as well.”

Seems that there is a high chance of getting a great deal of cat cuddles in this store, as well as some pretty worthwhile reads.

Even more admirable, the kittens and cats are rescues provided by South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia.

cat cuddles
Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee

It’s starting to look a bit like Aoshima Island, the cat lover’s paradise off Japan’s coast, isn’t it?

The adorable creatures rarely stay in the store for long. According to Helmke, “All the kittens are in and out fairly quickly, as they are adopted.”

However, while scoring a few cat cuddles at the store is fairly easy, adopting one requires a bit of investment.

South Paw Conservation handles the process, and adopting a kitten or cat costs 255 Canadian dollars ($194 U.S.) to cover everything, even medical expenses. You also have to provide references before taking the kitty home.

More than 30 adoptions… yay!

cat cuddles
cat cuddles
cat cuddles
cat cuddles

Helmke added cat cuddles to her store’s services after she realized that she had enough space for the cats and kittens.

She told Global News, “People come here specifically to see the cats, and then some people just wander in to look at books and discover there are kittens. Either way, the response has been really great—I mean, who doesn’t love kittens, right?” adding, “We have a hundred percent adoption rate, which is fantastic.”

“I’m so happy to make my customers happy when they come in and they’re just thrilled to see a kitten they weren’t expecting… It’s amazing and makes me happy to come to work.”

cat cuddles
cat cuddles
cat cuddles

Many love the kitty bookstore

cat cuddles
cat cuddles
cat cuddles
cat cuddles
cat cuddles

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