Michelle Williams Talks Fix My Choir on Oxygen, Beauty and Life

Written by Bryce

I caught up with Michelle Williams, formerly of Destiny’s Child, at the Fix My Choir launch party in NYC.

When you have the opportunity to chat with a former member of Destiny’s Child face to face, you take it. Let me start by saying that when the opportunity came to meet Michelle at the launch of her new show Fix My Choir on Oxygen, I already had a date night planned with my husband. My husband, being the loving man that he is, understood that I couldn’t pass up all my teenage dreams– he accompanied me. Michelle hopped in front of cameras with hubby and myself (like the pro that she is), and was gracious enough to tell me that the fly on my super fitted jeans had gone astray.

“Bryce, nice to meet you, but pick up your fly. Also, I’m assuming that means you and your husband totally did it on the taxi ride down here.”

In her first sentence to me, Michelle proved to be hilariously funny, light-hearted, and a total girl’s girl. After the camera flashes, some singing and dancing (she had my Israeli husband singing every Jesus-infused lyric ever, and happily), I had some time for a 1 on 1 with Michelle. She was gushing about how excited she was for her new show on Oxygen (frankly, I am too), happiness, and her beauty routine. We shared a serious skincare obsession, and I’m excited to report back that it’s an affordable one.

Me: But honestly Michelle, your makeup game is on point. What are you doing?

Michelle: You know what’s so good? That CoverFX stuff. I love it and use it for everything. Also, a bright red lip is my game. See? Doing it right now. I’m going to wear red lips on the show, even in church– you’ll see.

Me: Let’s talk skincare and your nighttime routine, because your skin is great and you can’t say that’s all makeup.

Michelle: I know, I know! You know the stuff at the drugstore in the green and white packages? 

Me: Simple Skincare

Michelle: YES! That’s the one! I’m obsessed– the wipes go with  me everywhere, literally everywhere. My carryon has a few packs of them right now.

Me: Brilliant, the exfoliating ones are my slow jam.

Michelle: Oh yeah, those exfoliating ones get the job DONE.

Michelle also recommended bringing back lipliner, and I couldn’t agree more. Her makeup artist was standing just a few feet away nodding her head approvingly, as if she was the queen of fabulous brick-red lipliners and facial brilliance (truthfully, she may be). I’m looking forward to seeing the show’s premiere next week (honestly imagine Sister Act turned into a reality show, but way better… and it’s hard to say that because Sister Act is basically the best movie ever).

Fix My Choir on Oxygen premieres on Wednesday, November 5 at 10/9C on Oxygen

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