Five Things to Know Before Visiting Malta

malta travel tips
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Visiting Malta sometime soon? You should keep these travel tips in mind.

malta travel tips

For those of you that don’t know, Malta is a beautiful, 3-island archipelago in the Mediterranean close to Sicily. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with 423,000 people packed into a place one-fifth the size of London. Besides being ridiculously photogenic, it is also full of beautiful men, gorgeous women, and even more breathtaking water. The moral of the story is, visiting Malta provides a lifetimes of improbably perfect memories, but memorize these travel tips first:

malta travel tips

Visit Gozo- Of the three Maltese Islands, Gozo is the most chill. It is known for scenic hills and beautiful rustic panoramas. It also has the most beautiful beaches, and is one of the top diving destinations in the Mediterranean. Basically, Gozo is where people go to escape the hubbub of Malta and relax.

malta travel tips

Eat patizzi- Patizzi, a pill-shaped pastry filled with ricotta or peas is basically the main foodstuff of Malta. Its really unhealthy, but really delicious as well. Visiting Malta without eating these is like going to the bank just for a lollipop.

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Stay away from white taxis- White cabs at the airport are expensive, the drivers are rude, and they probably won’t even turn on the meter. If you are traveling in Malta, its better to use a reputable cab company, otherwise you might end up locked in the basement of a smelly, foreign gypsy cabbie.

Eat rabbits-If you are planning to try Maltese cuisine, rabbits are going to be on the menu, so don’t get squeamish about eating the Easter bunny.

malta travel tips

Go swimming- Malta’s bathing waters are the cleanest in Europe, thanks to sewage treatment plans financed in part by the EU. If you are looking for the most secluded beach, try the rocky coves of Gozo, or Ghajn Barrani, where you can snag a rocky outpost and get some much needed R and R.

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