Five Steps to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

wedding vows
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Getting married is kind of a big deal, and there are a lot of things that probably scare you shitless. That being said, if you ever decide to take this step, you should consider writing your own wedding vows. There is pretty much nothing more personal than signing a piece of paper that binds you to someone forever, so if its one time you should stop googling and put a little creativity into something, it’s your vows. That being said, writing definitely comes easier to some people than others. Here are five helpful steps to expressing your love through words, at your wedding.

wedding vows

1. Decide whether you want to write them separately or together. You have a few options here; writing them with your partner, on your own, or even saying the same vows. Writing them together can be a great bonding experience, but if you ask me, you should take this opportunity to tell your partner exactly how you feel about them. You can also sneak a few jokes in here, like about how you love them even though they fart in their sleep.

2. Brainstorm about how much you love your partner. Just take a sheet of paper and write down all the things you love about them. You can write about crap like your favorite memories, the first time you saw them, your favorite part of them, their best qualities etc. Don’t hold back and don’t be afraid to be funny. You can edit this down later.

3. Make a pact. Take the opportunity to make promises to your future spouse. Declaring the ways you intend to honor your lover is a great way to let the wedding party know exactly how you feel, and share your intentions with your partner.

4. Write it all down. You should probably start by telling your future ball and chain how you feel about them, but from then you can really go in any direction. If you are that worried about it, start by declaring how you feel about them, follow up with your favorite things about them, and finish with your promises and pacts.

4. Practice, you sweet bitch. You can practice in the mirror like you did in high school, if you are so inclined. If your partner is involved in the process you can also practice with them, or with a good friend who will bring over a bottle of wine and promise not to make fun of you. If your speech is too long or too short, don’t be afraid to edit. You should be able to explain to someone why you are marrying them in under three minutes, otherwise you might want to rethink getting married in the first place.

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