Introducing the Underground Weed Dining Culture

fine dining pot
Written by Gary

As marijuana becomes more widely accepted, restaurants have begun serving fine dining edible marijuana.

fine dining pot

Roasted local ribeye with Maui Waui baked potatoes and spring vegetables (and weed, of course)

Anyone who has ever eaten a weed edible (and I’m not saying I have), knows there are several stages of your high. The first stage involves you wondering if you are feeling any effects. The second stage involves you getting a little frustrated because you are sure the weed isn’t going to kick in, and you wasted your money. The third involves you getting ridiculously high, and then realizing that as the weed digests you are only getting higher. The fourth stage (which only happens once in a while) occurs when you are so high you get a little paranoid that you will never sober up.

But like I said, I am not admitting that I have ever eaten a weed edible, or that I ate one last week. Edible marijuana is one hell of an experience though, so I am a little surprised to find out that underground pot dining clubs are popping up, serving gourmet dishes laced with the good shit. Apparently the fad began right here in New York City,  with but has since spread to the rest of the country. The dishes are all carefully thought out to balance out the flavor of the cannabis, and offers diners a delicious experience with a really, really good after-effect.

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I will say that I think its a great idea to take care of your munchies and your high in one fell swoop, but I don’t know that I would want to be in public when my high from an edible kicked in. Everyone always stares at me anyway because I’m so damned handsome; add in some super-paranoia and you have a recipe for disaster.

weed edibles

Pasture-raised pork schnitzel with overwintered vegetables and Og Kush butter

weed edibles

Potato gnocchi with White Widow buttered wild mushrooms and fresh Diesel

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