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Finally, A Hotel with a Cold Brew Coffee Tap

Written by Bryce

If you’re a fan of less acidic caffeine binges, you’ll be happy to know the Langham Place Hotel has a cold brew coffee tap to quench your ongoing thirst.

The Langham Place Hotel, New York is officially the only hotel in New York City with Stumptown Cold Brew on tap– and that’s a big deal for fans of the more complex flavor notes, or those just in it for the healthier approach. Measure Lounge, conveniently located in the hotel lobby, is now featuring the cold brew coffee tap in original coffee flavor, vanilla, caramel, and ginger. If you’ve never tried a ginger cold brew, you’re in for an energizing treat. It’s an extra zing of “BUT SERIOUSLY JUST WAKE UP ALREADY” that’ll get you moving faster than you expected.

Head bartender, Sarah Karakian, has also whipped up an impressive list of cold brew cocktails. Regular drafts start at $6, while thoughtfully crafted coffee cocktails start at $16. $6 for a cold brew and a tranquil, luxurious environment sounds like a vision of Utopia… but that’s just me.

More details on the Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Tap here.


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