A Fertility Switch That Turns Your Sperm Off?

fertility switch
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A fertility switch for men.

The fertility switch: vasectomy is no longer the best method of male birth control out there.

fertility switch

No longer will men have to worry that every text message after a one-night-stand is going to say ‘I’m late’ followed by a stream of ultrasound photos. A new invention by German inventor, Clemens Bimek, aims to install a ‘sperm switch’ will let men turn their fertility on and off. Can you imagine that?!

The fertility switch will be implanted into the scrotum, and is both hormone-free and not permanent. The procedure should only take 30 minutes, and there is no down time after. It obviously will not protect against the vast array of sexually transmitted infections that plague the more prolific genitals users of the world, though.

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The idea could revolutionize sex, at least for straight people. It is meant to replace both condoms and pills, although obviously the only STD it actually protects from is unwanted babies.

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