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Feel the BURN: HopStop Calculates Calories Burned During Commute

Written by Ashley

Calculate your commute to see how many calories you’re burning during your commute. The answers may surprise you!, the transit site famed for giving door to door subway directions in NYC, has not only branched out to tens of other US cities and in to city reviews, tips and guides, but they’re the newest tech group to jump on the health bandwagon.  Featuring alternate biking directions, an approximate number of calories burned per transit commute and comparison views, you can presumably get bikini bod ready on your way to work.

photo credit: @omgstephlol

This feature will show you how many calories per commute you can burn if you alternate routes, or get off a couple of stops before your normal. You’re also able to compare the ‘less walking, more transfers’ option with the ‘more walking, less transfers’ option & even the biking option you’d be surprised.  My routine of biking to work a couple of days/week (pictured above… thanks for catching me at my most butch, Steph) may cut half the time, but it burns only approximately 100 calories more cals than the subway trip! I’ll certainly feel more accomplished throughout the day already having done a little working out during my commute, but the convenience aspect of the subway will reign slightly more supreme on lazy days with this bit of knowledge.

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