The Most Fashionable Homeless Man Ever

fashionable homeless person
Written by Gary

The most fashionable homeless man in the world lives in the Ukraine.

fashionable homeless person

Normally when you read “most fashionable homeless person” it is immediately followed with a photo of Mary Kate Olsen, but this time that is not the case.

Meet Slavik, a homeless man from a city called Lviv in the Ukraine, who makes homelessness look chic. Even though his hair and makeup are not exactly on point, Slavik runs around the city collecting cute clothes from trash bins and homeless aid shelters. He changes twice a day, and never wears the same outfit twice.

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Slavik shot to internet stardom when photographer Yurko Dyachshyn started paying him $1 per meeting to document the man’s bold fashion choices.

The world has been waiting for someone like Slavik to come along and make homelessness fashionable. Homeless chic has been a thing for years (just ask Shia Labeouf), but it takes a real vagrant to pull it off with any integrity.

fashionable homeless person


fashionable homeless person


fashionable homeless person


fashionable homeless person

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