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Fall Fashion: What to Look Forward to Most

Givenchy Fall 2013
Written by emilyc

As soon as summer commences, all I care about is the onset of fall. Just when I think I may be ok with the summer months, I see all the bright colors, the flip slops, the sweat, the frizz, and I just can’t. Fall has always been my jam, even when it meant back-to-school clothes, so even though it’s July, let’s dream about our fall fashion wish lists. Check out mine below!

Lanvin beyond necklace

Lanvin’s gold script necklace is beyond.


The resurgence of thigh-high boots and/or the love-hate relationship with leather leggings.

Givenchy Fall 2013

Givenchy Look 47 from the Fall 2013 collection is all over the magazines, but I need it to be all over me.

Givenchy Fall 2013 boots

Another masterpiece by Tisci, these Givenchy boots are already huge and it’s still sandal season.

dark lip

My ultimate fave and greatest love during fall (aside from pumpkin spice everything) is the dark lip. It’s just not right for 100 degree weather, so the season change needs to hurry it along so I can be done with pink lipgloss.

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