Experience Life Like a Rodent at the La Villa Hamster Hotel

La Villa Hamster
Written by Gary

Dear France,

You are really giving Crasia (crazy + Asia = Crasia) a run for its money regarding bat-shit ideas.



La Villa Hamster

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live life like a Hamster? I know I did. As a youth, the only thing I about hamsters I wasn’t fascinated by was their ridiculously short life expectancy in a household with four competitive children.

La Villa Hamster Hotel, located in a city in western France called Nantes is a hamster themed hotel that gives its guests the opportunity to live like a rodent during their stay. Founded by Yann Falquerho, the hotel was created with the idea of filling the animal-transformation niche, meaning that people secretly want to live like their pets, and should be able to pay around $200 bones per night to do so.

All the rooms in the hotel contain cage-like features such as containers of grain, a water tube for hydration (eew, hygiene), a double bed accessible only by a step ladder, and a human-sized hamster wheel.

La Villa Hamster has been so successful that Falquero is looking into opening up more animal-themed hotels. His first two ideas centered on dogs and cats. While I think roaming through a cat-playhouse might be awesome and being led around by a leash is something I do anyways, shitting outside on the lawn or in a litter-box is where I draw the line.

La Villa Hamster

La Villa Hamster

La Villa Hamster

La Villa Hamster

But why does the human race need a hamster hotel?

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