Emoji Keyboards, Now a Thing

Written by Bryce

If you’ve been holding your breath waiting for emoji keyboards for your computer to become a reality, it’s time to exhale. You can now type little poop emojis to anyone you want from just about every place you have a keyboard.


The emoji keyboard has been one of the major reasons apple users have preferred to text via their phones vs using the iMessage app for desktop and laptop computers. I mean, sometimes you just need that weird swishy heart emoji to describe a particular feeling, or a furry animal’s cartoonish head memorialize a particularly important thought. Or like, when you’re trying to casually let your man know how much you appreciate him you can just throw a little heart-star-eggplant combo his way, NBD. Blessed be EmojiWorks in Austin for making all these dreams an emailable reality.

On the bottom of the keyboard you’ll notice a little red “emoji” button designed to be used the same way you’d tap capslock. Hit the button and start hitting keys for their alternate, emoji-tastical offerings. Also, it’s interesting to me that “666” has the potential to be “poop poop poop.” But nevermind that.

Some important things to note:

  • Yes, the taco emoji made it in.
  • You can turn off the emojis if you ever mature and realize the English language is still kind of great.
  • It’s compatible with both apple and windows operating systems
  • You’ll forget how to spell actual words because you will lose the only place that you actually write real words, your computer.

Here’s how it all works:


The emoji keyboards will start shipping in December at a price of $89.95 each.

You’re totally smiling, and so am I, but you need to expect a followup post about the crash of human communication at some point…

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