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Eat These Foods to Feel Energized

Energizing foods
Written by emilyc

During the oppressive, humid days of summer, the last thing you have a lot of is energy. Simple steps, like opting for green tea instead of dehydrating coffee, can keep you at your healthiest when the weather is at its hottest, but there are actually certain foods that can boost your energy levels throughout the day!

Energizing foods

Start your day with eggs – they are a fab source of protein, and they’ll provide you with plenty of energy-enhancing minerals.

Yogurt is the perfect mid-day snack when that afternoon fatigue sets in. It’s a great source of B5 vitamins, and it breaks down easily so that you feel the energizing effects faster.

Did you know that iron plays a key role in preventing fatigue? Eat a little garlic, and reap the benefits of its fiber called inulin, which helps you absorb iron.

Citrus fruits are another food that helps you absorb iron. Plus, the immense amount of vitamin C doesn’t hurt!

If spinach were a high school girl, it would be the class overachiever. Its vitamins (A, C, K, B, iron, magnesium…) all help give you the energy you need. Kale‘s not too bad at it, either.

Snack on raw nuts – they’ll help you convert sugar to energy.

Lean meats are an awesome source of B12 vitamins. They’ve even been shown to help fight insomnia and depression!


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