We Should All Drink Dandelion Tea Before Bed, Here’s Why

dandelion tea before bed
Written by Ruth K

What do you do before you turn in at night? If you’re more prone to late night screen time and binge-eating, it’s may be time to consider dandelion tea before bed. It’s an extra good solution to insomnia, and all-natural.

dandelion tea before bed

If the one hour before bed technology detox isn’t enough to get you relaxed — adding a cup of relaxing dandelion tea before bed may be exactly what you need. For some, dandelion is just a weed that they can’t seem to get off their yard. Unbeknownst to them, dandelion is a gem to be treasured, not a weed to cut down.

Over the years, chamomile tea has been the go-to herbal tea with good reason, and even spearmint tea had a moment in the spotlight. However, modern research into dandelion tea has unearthed a whole host of interesting benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely consider drinking dandelion tea before bed.

1. It’s an abundant source of vitamins and minerals

The dandelion plant is chock full of a number of vitamins and minerals. These include vitamins A, B, C, and D, and minerals such as iron, potassium, and zinc.

Adding dandelion tea to your nighttime routine not only adds warmth to your body, but you also get to enjoy essential vitamins added to your body.

2. It contains zero caffeine

It goes without saying — caffeine is no good for sleep (although caffeine health benefits are bountiful at other times). Working off the post-caffeine jitters just before bed is a bad idea, and it figures that you should find something else to drink.

Dandelion tea, which tastes just as great as regular tea, is absolutely caffeine-free. You get to enjoy the same wonderful taste that you are used to, without the extra kick. This warms you up, allowing you to fall back and relax, setting you up for a better night’s sleep.

You can always enjoy the best instant decaf coffees during the day and socially, if you’d like.

3. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits

dandelion tea before bed

Dandelion tea contains a number of natural anti-oxidant compounds. Combined with its anti-inflammatory property, dandelion tea is a great way to increase your overall body health.

Due to their anti-oxidant property, dandelions have been used for centuries to improve liver health. According to a report published by Nutrition Reviews, studies showed that dandelion extract helped reduce liver damage in mice — including alcohol-induced liver damage.

For centuries, Native Americans boiled dandelions and drank the water to help reduce swelling caused by a number of diseases. While modern research has not linked dandelion tea to a reduction in inflammatory diseases, it is definitely useful in improving overall health.

4. It is a natural diuretic

Taking dandelion tea before bed will probably have you heading to the toilet a few minutes later. Dandelion is a natural diuretic, and encourages fluid release. Combined with these massage for edema techniques, it’s an absolute home run.

While this may seem like a bad thing, it is actually beneficial to you. You get to pee before bed, which reduces that bloated feeling and the accompanying discomfort that keeps you tossing and turning.

Dandelion has also been used to combat a number of medical conditions, including high blood pressure and liver problems.

5. Anti-cancer properties

dandelion tea before bed

In a study published in 2016, researchers found that dandelion root extract effectively killed cancer cells in some types of cancer. The best part? The root extract killed cancer cells without causing any damage to the healthy cells. While the research has yet to include human cells, researchers are optimistic that dandelion root extract may be the future of cancer treatment.

6. Boosts the immune system

Researchers uncovered the antiviral and antibacterial benefits of dandelion. In one study, researchers were able to prove the antiviral properties by using dandelion extract against Hepatitis B virus.

Dandelion tea can also be used to fight against flu, but should never be used as a substitute for the flu vaccine.

Drinking dandelion tea before bed is always a good idea if you’re healthy and your doctor suggests it, and the tremendous benefits are just an added bonus. Dandelion tea is a great substitute to caffeinated drinks, and is bound to get you feeling relaxed. If you are looking to dive into this liquid greatness, here’s a pack to get you started.

Better yet, it’s easy to find

If you’re thinking you’ll need to wait till Spring or Summer to start pulling those healthy, delicious dandelion weeds from your yard to score the benefits — don’t worry. You can actually order pre-ground caffeine-free dandelion tea for your bedtime routine an Amazon.

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dandy blend dandelion tea

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