Sleep Anywhere in This Suit Made of a Comforter

down comforter suit
Written by Gary

Down comforter suit.

Narcoleptics everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief, and suit up in a down comforter.

down comforter suit

Down comforters are by far, the most comfortable comforters in existence. In fact, I am pretty sure the word comforter comes directly from them. That being said, it was probably only a matter of time before someone created a suit made from a down comforter, so Jurys Inn Hotel Group did just that.

Designed by Wendy Benstead, the suit + duvet is called a ‘Suvet’, and features oversized padding and the ability to let you nap no matter where you are.

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Technically this is still a prototype, but I definitely see it catching on, especially for homeless people. So if you don’t mind looking like the Michelin man, maybe you should pick one of these things up, tout-suite.

down comforter suit down comforter suit

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