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People Who Look Like Donuts

donut doppelgangers
Written by Gary

If you see a donut when you look at a person’s face, you probably haven’t had your morning coffee yet.

donut doppelgangers

Coffee and a donut is a typical morning ritual for the average suburban American (coffee and a bagel for the average urban dweller) (coffee and a bump of meth if you are from the South). I don’t drink coffee, and I only allow myself a donut when I want one, so I guess I can’t relate. Regardless, I do drink green tea when I wake up every afternoon, and before I have those few sparse droplets of caffeine, I have been known to see all kinds of things (such as the backs of strange men’s heads as they stumble out of my boudoir).

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Ad agency Bruton Stroube, in conjunction with Strange Donuts got together to create some human/donut doppelgangers as a creative way to invite people to a party. The results look down right delicious.

If you don’t look around your office and see a bunch of donut heads after this (or skip your happy ass to Dunkin for a treat), then you have a lot more willpower than I.

donut doppelgangers

donut doppelgangers

donut doppelgangers

donut doppelgangers

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