World’s Most Expensive Cheese is Made from Donkey Milk

donkey cheese
Written by Gary

Surprisingly, the world’s most expensive cheese comes from an ass.

donkey cheese

I have seen and sampled many expensive cheeses in my life, but never the cheese of a donkey. Made in Serbia (which is also surprising, because: Serbia), ‘Pule Cheese’ is made from Balkan donkey milk and costs $1,000 a pound. It is a crumbly white cheese, and apparently tastes kind of salty.

The world’s supply of the cheese comes from a single herd of Balkan donkeys, which I guess explains why it is so expensive. The donkeys have to be milked by hand, three times every day, and it takes 15 donkeys to get a single gallon of milk.

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Say what you will about donkey cheese, but I would try any cheese from any animal, regardless of how expensive or rare it is. I love cheese. If you milk a fucking octopus, I will eat the cheese. I think I may have a problem.

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