Dog Lovers Versus Dog Parents

dog lovers
Written by Gary

Dog lovers versus dog parents.

There is a big difference between a dog lover, and a dog parent.

dog lovers

Almost anyone who has ever had a dog will tell you that the bond between man and canine, is a holy one, akin to having a child. On the other hand some people just like having the companionship of a dog, and don’t really give a shit where it shits, or what it does, as long as it’s around to keep them warm at night (sounds like some of my relationships, actually).

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Artist Kelly Angel made an awesome comic strip depicted the difference in these relationships, capturing what its like to be a dog parent, versus a dog lover. If you can relate to any of this, raise your hand. If your dog raises his paw too, you are definitely a dog parent, and you have done your job well.

dog lovers dog lovers dog lovers dog lovers

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