Top Five Ridiculous Dog Birthday Cakes

Does the phrase “animal parent” seem funny to anyone else? While I agree that dogs do become part of the family, I don’t think they should be treated like children. Yes, they shit everywhere and have the unique opportunity to ruin family functions just like children, but they also get to run around naked for the extent of their lives, and they smell each other’s butts.

dog birthday cakes

Dogs don’t care whether or not you dress them in cutesy clothes; they were designed to run around in the open and eat their own poo. All your dog really wants is love, plain and simple, so I find it pretty funny when people do stupid things like carry their grown-ass dogs around in shoulder bags and throw birthday parties for them. To celebrate that, here are five dog birthday cakes that really have no reason to exist. If you really want to do something nice for your dogs birthday, take the damn thing out to the wilderness and let it commune with the nature from whence it came.

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