Does Your Man Know His Way Around the Kitchen?

man cooking
Written by Gary

There are many benefits to being with a man that can cook, the least of which is that it challenges classic gender roles and illustrates that your guy isn’t afraid to step outside the box.

man cooking

“He knew you were trying to lose 5 lbs so he made fruit for dinner.”

Breakfast in Bed-

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I think of in the morning is food. Or sex. Or sex, then food. Most guys do have the wherewithall to know how romantic this gesture is, but if you get with a guy that can cook, you can munch on eggs benedict instead of burnt bacon and corn flakes.

Impressing your parents-

The first time you meet anyone’s parents is always a recipe for disaster. Imagine answering their compliments about your four-course meal by telling them your boyfriend cooked it. If that doesn’t convince them that he will take good care of you, then nothing will.

It illustrates the ability to follow orders-

Following a recipe is hard. I am not one to live by rules, so every time I have to cook something I inevitably just throw whatever I want into a bowl and then cook it up. Then I go for takeout. A guy that can follow a recipe and execute a meal is a keeper, because it illustrates that he can follow through on life’s other little projects. Namely, dealing with kids.

The kids won’t always come to you when they are hungry-

Kids are adorable. Kids make life worth living. But do you know the two most annoying things about kids? Feeding them, and cleaning up their shit. Granted, as they grow you have to do these two things less and less, but imagine how great it would be to rely on your guy, so that when the kids come to you and say “I’m hungry,” you can just point in his direction and get back to re-caulking the tub, like the forward thinking, gender-role shirking bad-ass bitch that you are.

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  • Thankfully my man does know his way around a kitchen, we both cook which is great, but if he had a bod like the guy in the picture (yum!), I’d make him cook shirtless, always.

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