Does Always Sleeping on Your Side of the Bed Impact Your Relationship?

sleeping on your side of the bed
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Everyone has heard that age-old adage about waking up on the wrong side of the bed once in a while (or for an entire week each month), but for one in 20 coupled up men, it happens every day. According to a UK survey on sleeping habits, 10 percent of couples argue about which side of the bed to sleep on, and 1 in 20 men are unhappy with the resolution to those arguments (Girl power, #amiright?).

sleeping on your side of the bed

According to the survey, sleeping positions are vital to getting a good night’s rest, and most people have a strong preference towards their side of the bed. Call me crazy, but I have always thought that if you are lucky enough to have someone who puts up with your sleep fondling, it shouldn’t matter which side of the bed you end up on, but I guess that’s just me.

Allowing your body to rest impacts your weight, memory, and life expectancy. Your sleep position is so important to your relationship because being fat, forgetful, and dead aren’t things one normally looks for in a mate. If you and your partner often argue about sleeping positions, here are some helpful tips to sort it all out:

Take turns sleeping on your preferred side of the bed. You should eventually get used to switching it up, and then this stupid problem won’t matter anymore. We call this kind of method a wasp compromise.

Sleep horizontally. This will really only work if you are both incredibly short, or have a king-size bed, but taking sides out of the equation entirely solves the problem, right?

Get separate beds. You may think this is one step closer to your husband coming out of the closet, but its 2013, so there shouldn’t be any steadfast rules when it comes to relationships and sleeping together every night.

Sleep on the couch. I don’t know about you, but I like sleeping on the couch sometimes. You may even find a few quarters, or the remote, as a bonus.

Fart in your sleep so much that your partner leaves the room. Chances are, if you are sleeping in the same bed all the time you have passed the milestone of discovering each other’s bodily functions anyway.

Get separate bedrooms. In my dream relationship, I have my own space/man cave and can retreat to sleep with my lover any time I choose.

Get separate apartments. If you can’t resolve your sleeping position issues and really need a good night’s rest to keep yourself from bludgeoning your boyfriend to death while he snores, you might consider just moving out.

Get a new partner. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so it’s likely that one of those fish has the opposite sleeping preference of you. Find that person and never lose a moment of sleep again!

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