Do You Wear Your Calvins?

Written by Ashley

Boys in Calvins go together like PB & J.

Calvin Klein body trunk $20

Calvin Klein body trunk $20

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While he’s lookin’ all hawt, why not stock up on some undies of your own?

Show him how happy you are to see his junk so beautifully packaged, with evokeIntimates


evokeIntimates Happy Boyshort - $15

If you’re not happy, and feeling more Sexy, Lovey, Passionate, or Hopeful, you’re in luck. evokeIntimates has tons of emotions to choose from– along with many other inspirational undie options.

And now you will be able to win a little emotion undie action yourself! Just enter your email and comment below :

“What emotion do you want to wear on your ass?”

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