DIY Whitney Port Hair a la Mark Hill

Written by Bryce

We caught up with Mark Hill at the launch of his new product line for ULTA and got the scoop on his flawless Whitney Port hair creation.

1. Split hair into small sections, spraying Gorgeous! Work It Girl! Shine, Protect & Control Spray lightly over each piece.

2. Leaving some hair in the front on each side of the face, start from behind the ear securing the beginning of the braid with a pin.

3. Continue braiding from ear to ear.

4. Pull hair slightly from the crown to generate volume by adding Gorgeous! Work It Girl! Shine, Protect & Control Spray as you pull.

5. Once the braid has reached the other side secure with a pin and pull apart the braid slightly to give it a softer look.

6. Take small loose pieces from the front and incorporate them into the braid, weaving them in and out creating texture.

7. Use the curling iron on remaining front pieces.

8. Finish with Defrizz-ilious Bedazzled Anti-Humidity Shine Spray for control.

Voila! If you try it at home, feel free to tweet pics of your success at us at @luxuryspot on twitter and instagram!

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