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DIY Spotting: Adorable Office Decor

DIY Painted Vases office decor
Written by emilyc

DIY Painted Vases office decor

Looking for a fun weekend activity? Take a little craft time and make these DIY painted vases. Everyone’s workspace could use some brightening up once and a while, and this project creates the perfect cheerful home office or desk decor!

What you need:

Super-inexpensive vases (you can get them at a thrift store)

Any shades of acrylic craft paint

A thick piece of cardboard

How to do it:

Squirt a generous amount of paint into the bottom of the vase (approximately 1/2 an inch).

Turn the vase mostly upside down, and twirl it slowly until the paint covers the entire inside.  (Painting the inside keeps the paint from scratching off)

Turn the vase upside down on thick cardboard so all the excess paint can run out.  Move the vase every 10-15 minutes so that the excess paint can escape.

Once a majority of the excess paint is gone, turn the vase upright and continue to let it dry for a few hours.

If you get any paint smudges on the outside of your vase, you can simply scratch it off with your fingernail.


Note: do not fill the vases with water; the paint will wash away. You could put a paper cup at the bottom if you need to use them for water.

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