Disney Princesses With Real Hair

disney princesses with real hair
Written by Gary

What if Disney princesses had real hair problems like the rest of us?

disney princesses with real hair

Say what you will about Disney princesses, but they pretty much always had perfect hair. I know that they are cartoons so there has to be some kind of suspension of disbelief, but are we seriously to believe that Ariel’s hair looked exactly the same in daylight as it did 1,000 leagues under the sea? Sleeping Beauty slept for like 100 years, but didn’t even have a touch of bed-head. Elsa traveled through a fucking blizzard created by her own crazy winter powers and her braid didn’t even come undone? I call bullshit.

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Luckily, the people over at Buzzfeed called bullshit too, and they created these cutesy little photos to illustrate what Disney princesses would look like if they fell prey to the same hair woes as humans. Don’t even get me started on their makeup.

disney princesses with real hair

disney princesses with real hair

disney princesses with real hair

disney princesses with real hair

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