This Disney Cosplay is Pretty Flawless

disney cosplay
Written by Gary

Flawless Disney cosplay.

Sometimes cosplayers do it better than the real thing.

disney cosplay

This is exactly what a woman who lives with 7 tiny men should look like. And yes, that was a whore joke, but its okay because I’m a whore too.

Being the owner of an indie video game company, I am pretty into cosplay. Anyone who has ever seen any of my slutty Halloween costumes knows that I take dressing up pretty seriously. That being said, I have never really dressed up as a Disney character because I feel like dressing like Aladdin would be a little too on-the-nose since we are basically twinsies.

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Still, I have to give credit where credit is due. These Disney cosplayers do such a good job that Disney should consider hiring them for the endless string of live-action films they have on the docket. Consider me officially impressed.

disney cosplay

Rapunzel, before they gave her a sensible bob and ruined the movie.

disney cosplay

Merida, AKA, the only Disney lesbian Disney princess. Before you criticize me, Mulan was technically a cross-dresser, not a lesbo.

disney cosplayElsa, having too much fun in the Christmas ornament section of Michael’s crafts.

disney cosplay

This Princess Jasmine is so flawless I can’t even joke about it. What’s wrong with me?

disney cosplay

Yes, before you ask, those are Cinderella’s fart bubbles.

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