Delicious Choices

In a fast moving city like NY, men and women are on a prowl to find a new victim for their little black book. My scene: the clubs. Theres not a sexier place in this city than the new york clubs. Music, alcohol, and men. Delicious men. In every movie about the Big Apple there’s always an enchanting love story that makes everyone wish they lived here. Yet, in my experience it doesnt happen that way. According to studies made by the New York Times, only one third of the population is either in a relationship or looking for one, the rest are happy being single and dating.

So once again, based on my extensive and dedicated research, I think I’ve finally found the reason: diversity. In a city with so much movement and it being characterised as a “melting pot” its hard to find one person that you are willing to stick with. Imagine yourself walking into a huge Super-Market with some sweet craving and walking into aisle 4. You stand there and look at the infinite opptions of chocolates, and after 4 minutes of staring you think you made up your mind so you pick one, then you look at it in your hand so you pick another, well…thats New York. Even if you have a ” type” theres thousands of guys that follow into that category.

And relating to my life and the clubs, I go out every night of the week, and every night I fall in love. My type? good looking guys, confident and a bit arrogant, they make me crazy. And if you live in this city you’ll know that those men make up about 90% of the population. Even though sometimes I want a relationship, at night I realize I couldn’t possibly stick with one guy if there so many attractive available men in the city. That’s why so few people have relationships, because there’s so much to choose from that you never make up your mind. This is where the 6 degree of separation was invented! From people jumping from one sack to another, New York is the swinger town, not that ” fall in love with love ” city.

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a free-spirited and sociable young lady, Czech-born and London-raised. Now living in New York, she dishes on her dates with the fabulous and flawed men of the city as The Luxury Spot’s sex and relationships columnist. Lana is certainly not lacking in opportunities for adventure, being a desirable girl. The stories you’ll hear are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.


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