Decor Spotting: Woven Wood Coffee Table

Written by Ashley

Beautiful wooden coffee table that MAY actually be worth the high-ticket price.

Carried at Chicago’s Sawbridge Studios , Larry and Nancy Buechley’s innovative design in coffee tableshas been best described as “sculpture under glass,” and rightfully so.  With its soft, fluid curves and intricate weaving patterns, at first glance it appears to be fashioned from fabric or a beautifully finished leather. DEFINITELY not wood.  “Larry and Nancy have taken the process of bent wood lamination to a whole new level of artform,” says Sawbridge Studios’ Paul Zurowsk, and for $1800… this coffee table is a luxe work of art, especially for leisurely Chicago.

“We use our artist minds to create a sense of movement as the pieces twist and turn through three dimensions. We attempt to create functional pieces of sculpture — objects that can stand alone aesthetically, and that also serve a purpose,” explains Larry Buechley. The Buechleys begin the metamorphosis by cutting hardwoods, including walnut, cherry, ash, and wenge, into thin strips, then bending and gluing layer-upon-layer creating the ribbons of wood that have become the couple’s trademark.

Would you drop $1800 on this curvy coffee table?

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