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Decor Spotting: Laundry convenience unhampered

Written by Gary

Living in New York city, storage space is at a premium and convenience is a luxury. I am going to say it, and its going to be bitchy, but: Not everyone can have a washer and dryer in their apartment like me. However, whether you have to hoof it to your kitchen or to the Asian dry cleaners downstairs (still pissed at my mom that I was born Asian but without a nail salon or dry cleaners to run into the ground) you still need a sensible solution to carting around your dirty duds.

This collapsible storage hamper takes all the important aspects of a hamper and makes them convenient and manageable. It is more sturdy and durable than its fabric netting counterparts, more practical than plastic tubs, and takes up less space than a traditional wooden or metal hamper. It even has a designated place to hold your detergent!

Once in a while someone comes up with a simple idea that could potentially save you time and money. This is that idea. Available Here

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