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Decor Spotting: Bathroom Tiles That Change Color with Temperature

unique bathroom tiles
Written by Gary

unique bathroom tiles

I am a huge proponent of cleanliness, and try and take a bath every single night. That being said, I keep a spray bottle of bleach and water in my tub so I can spray the walls as I shower and keep it relatively clean. Call me a traditionalist, but the idea of shower tiles that change color with hot water just freak me out.
First of all, they start off black, so you will never know how dirty they are. This is fine if you like to share your apartment with waterbugs and silverfish, but I would rather not. Secondly, when the hot water hits them, they turn a strange shade of rainbow that reminds me of the Predator movies. I already feel unsafe enough in the shower (Thank you, original Psycho movie), I don’t need to imagine that an alienesque Maria Shriver with dreadlocks is going to harpoon me while I am bathing. Its a novelty I just can’t wrap my head around.

So are color changing tiles hot or not? I say not.

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