Dear PETA: These Dogs are Victims of New York Fashion Week

There are many victims of #NYFW, from the fingers and toes of desperate fashionistas who wait for hours in line in subzero weather to see a smattering of ready-to-wear TJ Maxx cardigans on walking coat hangers, to the overworked PR people trying desperately to fill seats for their up-and-coming new designer clients. Oftentimes, we forget about the real victims here; the accessory dogs.

poor fashion week dogs
Not only did The New York Pet Fashion Show happen, but it happened this weekend. The theme was The Crown Jewels of Fashion and Rescue, and as you can tell by the glittering expressions on the faces of these pooches, it was a resounding success. By the way, that was sarcasm in case you are reading this in braille. The faces on these dogs reminds me of the face I put on whenever that damn Sara Mclachlan commercial comes on. They are not having it.
But, like going to any weeknight bar during fashion week, it is pretty damn entertaining to sit back and watch the shitshow.

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