Dancing Through the Streets of NYC

Written by Bryce


Hey cool kids of NYC, there’s a bigtime Flash Mob happening this Thursday, June 21st in honor of the 110th Anniversary of the Flatiron Building. Choreographer Shandoah Goldman has conceived 23 Skidoo, a Flatiron Flash-mob-esque piece that will involve 50 dancers showing off their skivvies – Hanky Panky’s to be exact. It’s said that the ship-like shape of the Flatiron building carved a windy slice in the New York Skyline as it was being built in the early 1900’s. As women would walk by they got an unexpected surprise when the wind tunnel would blow their dresses up, revealing seldom seen legs and causing workmen to loiter and watch. Local authorities would call out, ’23 Skidoo!’ to the men, which meant they better stop gazing…or else.  Goldman brings this small piece of history to life again, with a large-scale site-specific performance and a few modern day touches. All 50 performers will be wearing panties by New York City-based lingerie collection Hanky Panky, a line known famously for its colorful lace panties. The free spectacle will take place on the very corner the phrase ’23 Skidoo’ was coined on Thursday, June 21st, 2012.

Performances at 5 PM & 6 PM.

Expect flying dresses, glimpses of underpants, and dancers that inspire to you shake your own tuchus. Oh, and make sure your iPhone has enough juice to capture and tweet some pics at us at @LuxurySpot or @BryceGruber, we’ll retweet 😉

Photos by Ed Lefkowicz

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