Cyber Hurl Meat at Posh Spice

Written by Ashley

Victoria Beckham’s weight has been under scrutiny for years, and even tho Beck’s wife is claiming she is healthy, and eats all the time, I still just wanna shove a quesadilla in her mouth.

And now, we have been given this opportunity, the one we have been waiting for.  The opportunity to hurl burgers, sushi and or fruit baskets at Posh Spice.

NOSH FOR POSH the hot new online game where you get this very opportunity.

Picture 4

The game’s creator Nicolas Jacquart: “We wanted to poke fun at Victoria Beckham’s latest Size Zero look.

“Victoria Beckham is a style icon but she looks as if she needs to put on weight.  The game is proving to be a big hit with our players, who are enjoying pelting her with fast food and healthier options like sushi.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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