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Cure Your Cough With This Chinese Remedy

Written by Ashley

Pears, Rock Candy & Bulbous Flowers = Cough Nixing Powers.

This dish may look like a warm, delicious, after dinner snack… but looks can be deceptive. Fritillaria Pear Soup, an ancient Chinese cough remedy, may be warm and delicious, but I’d classify it more as a medicinal wunderkind than I would a snack.

Fritillaria (know as chuan bei in Chinese) is a bulbous  flowering plant often used in Chinese medicine to treat coughs or other lung conditions. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this compound is “cooling” and affects the “heart and lung meridians.” It is typically used to moisten dry mucous membranes, loosen phlegm, and suppress coughing.

Fritillaria Pear Soup
~ 1 T fritillaria
Rock candy or honey to taste (optional)
1 Asian pear, sliced

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