Culture Spotting: YSL Becomes SL

Written by emilyc

Yves Saint Laurent will change its name to Saint Laurent Paris in the coming months, and this can only mean one thing – no none will have to be confused about how to pronounce “Yves” ever again! Who decided to make this P. Diddy-esque name change move? Hedi Slimane is the man to blame. He succeeded Stefano Pilati in March, and was given total creative responsibility over the entire brand.

When I first heard about this change, I got really devastated and slipped into a temporary depression when faced with the possibility that my YSL lipstick, that I hold so dearly and close to my heart, may now be obsolete. My moment of depression was quelled, however, when word surfaced that the recognizable overlapping YSL letter logo will remain the same. Thank you, Hedi, for saving me from going into a dark spiral of outdated lipstick and despair.

But I really can’t help but wonder, what’s next? Who’s going to follow suit (no pun intended)? Cut to: the year 2022. Louis Vuitton is now Vuit Paris, Christian Dior is something ghetto like Chris D., and Gucci is the brand formerly known as Gucci. Could this be a harbinger of dark times in the realm of fashion labels? If Puff Daddy can change his name to Diddy Dirty Money, who’s to stop Chanel from changing their name to Chan Dirty Tweeds?

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