Culture Spotting: The Best of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Written by emilyc

Breast Cancer Awareness Month October pink

During the month of October, everything gets a lot more pink, and stores offer products that get more and more fab every year to support the cause. It’s only the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so you have plenty of time to stock up on all things pink. Allow me to enlighten you on some of my faves thus far.

Marchesa for the NFL. Yes, that Marchesa. Georgina Chapman designed a couture-meets-sports Jets jersey, and unveiled the design at an NFL event co-hosted with Vogue to celebrate NFL Women’s Apparel.  At the event, an auction was held with proceeds going towards NFL’s “A Crucial Catch” campaign with the American Cancer Society to help the fight against breast cancer. Sneak a peek of the chic jersey we’re talking about here.

Pink Bedazzled Hairbrushes from KeratinPerfect. Tis the season for pink bejeweled things. When else can you easily find a brightly colored hairbrush embellished with sparkling rhinestones? What’s more, with each hairbrush sale, a 20% donation will go to Think Pink! Get yours here.

Georgetown Cupcake teams up with Susan G. Komen. The only thing that makes cupcakes better is when they’re from Georgetown Cupcakes. Hand down the best cupcake I (and everyone else I’ve talked to) has ever tasted. The only thing that makes Georgetown Cupcakes better is when the full purchase price goes to Susan G. Komen for the cure, and that’s exactly what’s happening this month when you buy a delicious Susan G. Komen cupcake. The co-owners of Georgetown Cupcake are committed to raising at least $50,000, so consider yourself morally obligated to go get a cupcake.

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